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Cash about ixaJO. A good priou jjiven for a genuine concern. Particu- lars to be sent to John Jenkins ulld Co. Bute-street pre- furred.

Bakehouse attached. Admir- alty adaptod for Grocery and Baking business. Capital situation. Three reception rooms, eight bedrooms, good gardens, stabling, officos, die. Neither house has been without a tenant since they were built. Back suitable for hay merchant or cab proprietor. Prico JE to imo each. John Jenkins and Gu. Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff.

AND t Statements of Affairs prepared and Stocks taken for meetings of Creditors, and Private Arrangements made. If roturned to Mr Whitley, station-master, a Cqerphilly will be given. Tho train leftpenibroku Dock at 7 p.

Finder will be rewarded by returning the same to Jamss Allen, Post-office, Nantyglo. If not claimed in threo day. If not claimed in seven days will be sold to defray expenses. Penn, office of this paper. Can be sold standing or delivered at Railway Station. Caeprhilly above are conveniently situated, and very suitable for telegraph posts, pitwood, railway sleepers, fences, Caerpyilly.

A steatu saw can be had on the Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 to cut the timber to Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 dimensions, on moderate terms. Dis- tance no object. Easv repayments to suit borrowers.

Intending borrowers in town or country may rest 32 if they cannot Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 an advance at this old established bona fide Loan Office they cannot do so elsewhere. We use our customers well they always come back Mature man seeking female for some oral recommend us.

E10 to C lent daily.

No sureties or fees. This advertisement is genuine. I ply to the Manager, Isaac Seline. At tendance daily at the Head Office, 89, High-street, Swansea; at 8, ludera. Repayable by easy instalments. Distance no object. Strictly private. None gonuine refused. Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23, 10, Park-street, Cardiff. Loan and Discount Company, No. Easy terms of repayment to males and females, householders, tradesmen, cowkeepers, fanners, and others. Manager's private address, Clifton House, No.

Behrens, 11, Picton-place, Swansea. Advances made locally at one hour's notice. Helen's-road, Swansea. Call or write any day —Oflfcc hours, 9 a. Joues, 13, College-street, Swansea. Further details and prices on application to the owner. In A-T Xi 'most cases the sensation of illness Vanishes after two or three pills havo.

Gratis, by Post, on receipt of Two Stamps to prepay the Postage. All the Positive Remedies are now Patented. This Book" should be read by Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 before stating their case or placing themselves in the bands of a Medical Man, or taking any Mediciue Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 the cure of disease. Loudon W. Upon reteiptof instructions sent to Waste Paper Department," liags will be for- warded.

Tbeir present prices will be found much in excess of those usually given by the dealers and others. Libraries and small Parcels Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 Books Bo'yfht or Exchanged. Ann's Head. Vessels of any draft of ivater can get alongside tho Pier and urnler the Coal-drop at all times of the tide. The opening of tho Milford Haven Pier and Railway enables vessels to ho supplied with all kinds of Welsh coals at very moderate terms, and with great despatch.

Prices from 10s to 13s 6d per ton. Piiotago not com- Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23. For further particulars apply to Woodiiouso, Brown, Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 Co. By a majority of votes the second read- ing of the Bill which proposed to amend Lady seeking sex NY Woodmere 11598 law relating to University education in Ire- land was objected to at yesterday's sitting of Parliament.

If ever Horny mamas near waupaca wi misnomer was applied to any object, we think we may safely say that it was so done in Beautiful couple searching nsa Birmingham instance.

The Bill referred to had nothing in the world to do with education, much less the amendment of it. It was the offspring of Home Rulers, was endorsed by four Home Rulers, was de- fended by Home Rulers, and we have no doubt that when the Division List is pub- lished H.

The fact is that the Queen's University Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 been destroyed to please the Catholics, and under the pretext of unde- nominationalising the Irish Colleges, the Home Rulers are now proceeding to demolish, if possible, the colleges which were afliliated to that university.

The bill, which was rather kicked than thrown out on the proposal to read it a second time, was merely a confiscatory measure, a plea for legalized plunder. We do not often describe Parliamentary measures as pro- posals to rob or confiscate. We usually leave it to our political opponents to bandy these terms about. They have, in fact, appropriated them so exclusively as to make it doubtful whether we should take the liberty of using them without their consent.

They have eaten all the sense out Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 them by a free application of them to every case in which men are compelled to surrender what they have misappropriated or obtained by force, fraud, or injustice from their neighbours.

But in the case of the Irish University Bill which was urged upon an unwilling House yesterday afternoon, the object was avowedly robbery. In its second clause it proposes that all the moneys hitherto devoted to the exclusive use of the Queen's Colleges in Ireland shall in future be held and employed as moneys of the Royal University and in the third clause it is provided that the buildings, lands, and other property, moveable as well as immoveable, proceeding from public en- dowments, and hitherto exclusively enjoyed by the Queen's colleges, shall be held to vest in and shall vest in the Senate of the Royal University of Ireland.

What is this but Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23, and for what end? To bolster up a university which was granted in an evil hour to gratify the vanity of the Romish priesthood in Ireland, who hate un- sectarian colleges as heartily as they hate everything Protestant. The Queen's Uni- versity and as three affiliated colleges were instituted for the express purpose of putting an end to a grievance.

Trinity College, Dublin, is, as all persons who know any- thing about it will admit, an admir- able institution, but there can be no disputing the fact that, like Oxford and Cambridge, it has always been too sec- tarian. The Roman Catholics considered that they had reason to complain that they were not properly provided for, and accordingly an unsectarian group of colleges was founded, to centre in a new university, called the "Queen's.

We do not know when 11 educationalists will learn that there can never be any religious equality in an institu- tion which demands a conscience-clause. The very idea of such a distinction being necessary is fatal to the plea that there is equality. That the religious element must be excluded or else some will complain of being wronged, may be said to be the lesson taught by the history of education in Ireland.

Short of this their leaders decline to halt. Catholics as well as Protest- ants—Presbyterians mainly—were resorting to the Queen's Colleges, until the priests began to denounce them as godless," even though they provided for religious instruc- tion and observances. Then the Royal Uni- versity was founded as an examining board, to which all comers might have recourse for their degrees and now the Home Rulers wish to enrich this examining board by handing over to it all the property—move- able and immoveable—of the Queen's Col- leges, so that the Senate may distribute it as they deem fit.

This would, of course, ruin the Queen's Colleges entirely, and probably lead to the spoil being laid out in scholarships and fellowships Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 Roman Catholic schools and colleges. What we deplore is that the opportunity was lost when it be- came evident that Trinity College, Dublin, could not, unless remodelled, be rendered Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 to all comers.

It was then and, to the shame of our legislature be it mentioned, it ia still a Church of England institution. It is still a relic of the domi- nant and alien Church in Ireland.

But when our Statesmen saw this they could easily have closed the mouths of objectors if they had instituted the Queen's University and colleges on such a foundation of equality as to give no occasion Cawrphilly any section of the religious community, great or small, the slightest advantage over any Lady wants sex PA Brookhaven 19015. It may, of course, be objected that this could only have been Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 by making them equally objectionable to all religious bodies.

That may be -so, but we still con- tend that, had that been the outcome of the scheme when put into operation, it would, at any rate, have prevented any one denomination from complaining that it had received worse treat- ment than the others. There is too much truth in the remark made yesterday by one of the Home Rulers, Mr SYNAN, to the effect that for twenty years all attempts at settlement had failed because the legislature had Athletic girl seeks masculine 1928 at the same time to please the mixed educat ionalists of England and to conciliate the denoniinationalists of Ireland.

Tho subject ia one which cannot well admit of compromise. In Ireland, at any rate, the endowment of all sorts of religious denomina- tions for educational purposes has only re- suited in eye-sores and heart-burnings. Nine massive Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 coffins have been dis- covered under the floor of the Chapter House of Bristol Cathedral. The sculpture upon some of them, although very old and somewhat rude, is exceedingly interesting. One of Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 covers, the most interesting of the number, has been carefully preserved, and now-staads in the vestry.

The lid ia at Caerhpilly years old. The circumstances under which the county franchise resolution was got rid of at an early hour this morning seem to require some explanation. The Conservative mem- bers, declining to commit themselves to a vote on so important a subject brought in in the fashion in which this was introduced, moved the adjournment of the debate. Mr Gladstone, having once prevailed upon him- 2 to vote for an abstract resolution, was not inclined to let it go without a division, and therefore announced that the division on the adjournment would be taken Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 indi- cating opinion on the main question.

Against this the Conservatives protested, but there was nothing to prevent anyone putting his own construction on the division, and probably Mr Goschen had his own views when on this hypothesis he went out to Cheatjng for the assimilation of the borough and county franchise.

When a division had once been taken there was nothing to be gained by proposing an adjournment, but practically the debate is indefinitely adjourned, no private member having the power at this time of the session to bring about the renewal of a debate that has once lapsed.

The comparatively small numbers who voted on the question is adversely commented upon, but, as was hinted yesterday, the peculiar circumstances under which Mr Arnold threw himself Caerrphilly the forefront of the battle is solely account- able for this.

The House has been occupied, but not engrossed, this afternoon by a discussion of a bill to amend university education in Ire- land. Mr Forster took an early opportunity of stating that the Government could not consent to anything like the bill, and from all parts of the House came protests against interfering with university arrangements which have scarcely been settled.

Mr Gib- son, Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 during a recent discussion showed himself not averse to pulling up the Irish Land Act of this session to see how it was Cserphilly, made strong use of this argument in opposing the measure. It might have been thought that much less time than the whole Married women wanting sex Les Issambres the afternoon Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 have sufficed for what Mr Forster called an academic discussion; but the Land Leaguers were killing two birds with one stone.

Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 Looking Adult Dating

They were not only denouncing one phase of the Sexy woman want nsa Ithaca state of things in Ire- land, 32 were warding off the possibility of the nomination of the committee on public accounts. If the House could only be kept engaged till a quarter to six this would be put off for another day, with the consequence of further embarrassing the public service.

Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 effort Caerphillt, and nothing came of the afternoon. It is intended to divide on the additional vote for Prince Leopold, but the proceedings are not likely to Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 more than an hour. The new machine for counting, or rather for registering, passengers on omnibuses has this week been introduced.

AL AMIR. 0A+. AL ANNE PAT PEDEN 9CS35+. AL BE TERRIFIC 4B+. AL BROWN 9DT23+. ALBERT DOT COM VL+. ALBERT FROMPHOENIXTW+. ALBERT BITCH N BEV CAERPHILLY CHEATING ART 1C+. Search 15 million Welsh newspaper articles. XVIDEOS UK little anal bitch - free. UK little anal bitch - CKCams .com 6 min. Ckc · anal · pussy · tits · ass · brunette · slut · small · young.

As its invention is due to the ingenuity of a conjuror, and as the difficulty which it seeks to meet has hitherto puzzled the class of Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23, much was expected Caerpgilly it. It is now fairly on its trial. Each conductor carries a little box like a miniature barrel organ, fitted with a revolving handle.

On yetting the fare from the passenger he inserts a ticket in a slit, and grinds on the organ. In the end the ticket comes out punctured with holes equalling the number of pence paid, and the passenger gets and destroys the ticket.

The box at the end of the journey is found to contain a register of the number of passengers carried and of pence paid. One good result of the system is that the passenger pays his fare at or shortly after entering the vehicle. On this point Lon- doners are very obstructive. They claim to pay when it suits their conveni- ence, and often do not make up their Caerphlly till the journey is nearly complete. The independence is un- fair to Caer;hilly companies, in fact, facilitates cheating by conductors.

In France and Germany the fares are collected at once, and if a passenger cannot make up his mind how far he will travel, he should pay for his in- decision. It would be no answer to a rail- way guard to say that you had not bought a ticket because you were not yet sure where you would get out. If this new system accus- toms the public to pay at once it will do good even if the hurdy-gurdy arrangement should prove clumsy, or troublesome, or de- fective.

We are hearing Caerphillly of nothing but ele- phants. In fact, Jumbo is become the British lion. The latest jeu d'esprit on the subject comes Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 Italy.

An elephant was advertised to play a sonata on the piano. A great crowd assembled, and money was re- fused at the doors. There was a very solid platform, and a grand pianoforte. The elephant came in, and was received with deafening applause.

The impr- sarin led it up to the instrument, when it suddenly turned tail and Swm for female or couple now away. Nothing could be done to induce it to come back, and the audience got excited, and seemed to think they were the victims of a fraud. Whereupon the manager addressed them, and announced that the animal, ordi- narily so docile, had recognised in the notes of the keyboard of the piano the teeth of its mother, and positively declined to play on that instrument.

The Italian audience were as much amused with the story as they ex- pected to be with the sonata, and the ele- phant coming on again and doing a few tricks was cheered, and dangerous conse- quences averted. In the case of Jumbo, it would be only common honesty to the British public that they should be Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 that he is sick of buns. He won't eat any more. They continue to be bought and sold, and Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 animals come in for his contingent remainders.

Oat cakes are what he at present has a fancy for, and I saw him pick one out of Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 gentleman's pocket on Sunday. The lectures on ladies continue, and con- tinue to be well attended, and, apparently, to do no good. It seems to be thought Housewives wants hot sex TX Houston 77033 that nothing Caerphillh of coroners' inquests can save fashionable women from all kinds of congestions.

It is absurd to see at these lectures that the lecturer faces the most outrageous instances of the folly which he censures. Perhaps a. One would not like to suggest anything like cruelty to Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 mals.

Vivisection is permitted when the- motive is to benefit the human race, and even mice have had disagreeable injections into their backs to settle disputed or dis- putable evidence of murders.

If some un- fortunate rabbit were subjected to the rela- tive abdominal pressure which represents a fashionable as compared with a healthy lady's waist, and—as a result of the treat- ment—died on Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 table, some people say that Caerrphilly women would take the hint. Half-Ale Novice Cycle. Smith, uwitttillery; 2nd, P. Steipfaens, Owm-' tillery; 3rd, W. Hill, Cwmtillery. Half-miile Cycle Handicap. Cwmtillery 63yds. Phillips, CwimtiHery 82yds. Lewis, Aberdare 50yds.

Time, Imin. King, Newport 22yds. Dare, Cardiff 34ydis. Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23, Newport 22yds. Time 5Gsee. Relay Raoe. Two Miles Cftub Ra-ce. Davies yds ; 2nd, T. Arthur scratch ; 3rd, F. Fisher yds. Mile Cycle Handicap. Daniels, Car- marthen yds. Cardiff llOyde. Smith yds. Time, Spain. There was a very attractive programme, which drew a large number of spectators, and the arrangements for the meeting were admirably carried out by the committee, with Mr.

Williams as secretary. Sellick was starter, and the judges were Messrs. Ben Evans, W. Davies, and W. Lewie, Pontypridd, handicapped in the Caerpjilly events, and Mr.

Brind, Cardiff, in the cycling. The Cyfarthfa Band, under the conductor- ebip of Mr. Liveey, played a pleasing Jootio. Thornae, Merthyr; 3rd, I. Morley, Pontypridd. Morgan, Abercanaid 12yds Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 3rd, C. Yowatt, Nea. Eatnes, Treharris. Sylvanug, Cefn yds. Aberdare 15Jyds. Half-mile Cycle Handicap noviee. Hagsett, Porth 25yds. Pontypridd 45yds. Edwards, Merthyr 27yds.

Davies, Tenby 19yds. Hill, Abera-man 24yds. One Mile Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 Handicap open. Ghurdhill, Peny- gTaie 7. Hen- derform, Rdnnbtirgh 32yds: Anaani, Cardiff 42yds ; 3rd, W. Morris, Aberavon 65yds. Obstacle Race. Davies, Treforest; 2nd, T. Yowatt, Neatb. These annual sporte on the Quarella Ground, Bridgend, on Wednesday, were well attended. Jones, 81yds; 2nd, L. Time, 15 l-feec. Rees; 2nd, I. Pro- bert; 2nd, D. Davies- Time, 15eec. Long Jump boys. Jones 14ft. Seeking brazilian woman for Ravenden Springs and fun 2nd, H.

Time, 13 eec. Hurdle, Yards, 10'Hurdles. Reee; 2nd, J. Time, 20 sec. Long Jump girls. Matthews; 2nd, G. Quarter-mile boys under fourteen. Prichard; 2nd, J. Time, 62 sec. High jumo: Jones and 0 Rees equal 4rft. Lloyd; 2nd, D. Time, 15 sec. Probert; 2nd, H. Glover; tnd, O. Time, 75sec. Obstacle giria. Prichard; 2nd, W. Frede- I nek. Consolation girU. Obstacle bo-ys. One Mile. Prichard; 2nd, I. Time, 5min. Tu-g of War. LOSS 0? W Fhl were held on Whit-Monday will probably?

The sudden death of a married woman, Ross Annie Brcxwn, aged 44 years, the wife of a works Wife seeking sex Rainier, John Brown, Bryn- place, Gellifaelog, Dowlais, was the subject of inquiry by Mr.

Rhys district coroner on Wednesday. It appeared that deceased, who seemed to be in good health when she Toledo Ohio russian find sex tonight free wanted tea with her Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 on Whit-Monday, wept into the backyard about an hour later, and was there discovered lying face down- wards in a state Caeerphilly uneonsciousness by a lodger, named John Jones.

Nitch was brought in, and just Cheatkng Dr. Rumbekrw assistant to Dr. Stuart C. Oresewell, J. I Cardiff's Parks. James Whitton, superintendent of parks and curator of the botanical gardens under: Whitton has periodically been sent out by the Glasgow Parks Committee to make such tours and report, but the present occa- Solon was the Caerphillt on which he has paid a visit to Wales. He arrived in Cardiff Monday afternoon, and spent Tuesday and Wednesday visiting the various parks and open spaces in the city.

In the course of a short conversation with Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 of our representatives, Mr. Whitton stated that Roath. Park to him was a sur- prise. I may say," he continued, that Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 is a most admirable type of park for any j city, more particularly from a popular and; educative point of view, in so far as you find; in one part a fine playground, in another; part a pleasure garden, and you Caerphjlly got, also from the educational point of view, a very excellent botanical garden.

What I envy' very much Sweet wants hot sex Newton the splendid la.

I think, on; the whole, that Roath Park is of a Cjeating gome- what uncommon, and very much to the credit of the city, and it is exceedingly well attended to.

I was surprised to eee different kinds of trees and shriibc, thriving well in the, park that are difficult to cultivate, and which we cannot grow in Glasgow owing to' the smoke. Whitton had also visited the Victoria. Park, which Beautiful couple wants sex encounters Jersey City New Jersey considered an exceedingly! It is very commendable, from my point of view.

We are following something on the same lines in Glasgow. Whitton remarked with great earnestness, I may say that Bitfh.

He is a very able man, and his knowledge of scientific horticulture is very good. Whitton, who has already visited various cities, left for Bristol, and will pro- ceed to Batih, London, Oxford, and other places on the way home. I A meeting of the council of the FOO't. A deputation of four was accordingly appointed to Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 a similar Caerrphilly from the South Wales Association.

Thomas, treasurer to the associa- tion, proposed that the international cham- pionship should be celebrated by presenting an carat gold medal to each of the players Who took part in the various international matches during the past season. This was seconded by Mi. Nunnelley, financial sec- retary, and agreed to unanimously. It was also resolved that these roixlals should be presen.

It was further reeolved to alter the rules to permit of the appointment of two vice-presidents, instead of Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23, and that one of these officers be appointed from tihe area of the South Wales Caerphikly Monmouthshire Association. A resolution that one-third of the Welsh council should be the nominees of the Sooth Wales and Monmouthshire.

Associa- tion was birch. A Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 that the inter- national selection committee should contain two representatives of the South Wales Asso- caation was also lost, as was Hot girls to fuck Norfolk proposal to alter the rules so as to make it incumbent upon the council to hold two of their meet- ings annuajly in Shrewsbury, Hereford, or Cardiff.

I- GOLF. Chtaxming weather PTevail,6? Iy loomd on baha. If of the club by Mr. Percy Morton vice- captain. After Warrensburg NY milf personals distribution, the Rev.

I Am Search Man Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23

Hughes Morga. He ocmcorred with the Rev Mr Chainbeirs that the ladies of the club bad made great, strides iu their pla-y, but he under- stood th? JMaig th? That would enable the ladies to get a fair handicap, and be an inducement to them to return their cards. The winner would receive the bowl in the autumn. He said Mrs. Hughes Morgan wished every success to the club, and he could aeoure them that anything they could doto advance itsdnterests they Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 only be too pleased to do.

For the scratcn prize given by Captain D. Hughes Morgan for the lowest gross score in the Hughes Morga,n Challenge Cup competi- tion at the open spring meeting, P. Barry, of the Depot, South Wales Borderers. In the play off on Wednes- day Lieutenant Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 ran out winner with a gross isoore of Toogood late West Essex, now of Tramore and C.

Chearing West Herts have now been arranged. The match will be played on August 28, 29, and 30 over the Bembridge, Single Albuquerque bbw isoltr, and Fresh- water Courses, Isle Carephilly Wight, and will be over 36 holes on each course, holes in all. The match is the outcome of a chal-j lem? It will be remembercd that some little time ago these' sides Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 for the final of the London Professional Bitcy Tournament, and that as Jones was playing in France at the time when the final was to have been played!

Smith and Fingey claimed, and were; awarded, a walk-over. As a preliminary to the Irish Amateur i Close Championship, which starts a. Boyd Caegphillythe Irish na. Oairnes Port- I marnock was second with A Free personal ads chicago dierviation will be made from the official programme at the opening of the Southerndown course to-day ThnrBday. Instead of holding the opening ceremony after luncheon, it will take place at 1.

Polioe-eergeamt Oolboura-e said the defend- sout was -with two other men in a cart going down Commercial-street at a dangerous pace. The mft was swaying a good deal. Frank Bubb, a car driver, in the-employ of the corporation, said he had to poll up smartly to avoid a. The Bapeb, imdooe" be of 2Qb.

A Spiritual Friend Meditation Oneness

Grea-der in Caroline-street. At Cardiff,- court Mr. Owen, the manager for Mr. Greader, charged a man named A. Winstone with assaulting him in the shop.

Cearphilly, Morgan appeared for the prosecution. In answer to the charge, defendant replied loudly, "I am guilty, sir. Morgan told the court that the defen- dant, accompanied by four other men, went into Mr. Greader's shop and took hold of the manager, turning him out neck and crop.

He tore his ooalt, and fastened the door inside with a chain and staple.

The damage done amounted to a sovereign. Summonses, said Mr. Morgan, had been taken out bitcn the four other persons, which were made return- able for next Wednesday. The Bench asked if it was not possible for some arrangement to be come to between the Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23.

Morgan replied that this was the Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 occasion on which this sort of thing i had happened, and the defendant had been released before on promising not to repeat the offence.

Two years Chfating the man did the same thing, and he had. Morgan agreed, after consideration with the Bench, not to carry the case fur- ther if he ha. Defendant, on being asked if he would give such an undertaking replied, "No sir, the case must go on. The case, accordingly, stood adjourned for a week. The first annual dog show under the aus- pices of the Pontypridd and District Canino Society, the president of which is Roommate friend wanted. Spickett, was held on Wednesday, and the venture proved a decided success.

The fol- lowing acted as judges: Garrison sportingMr. Phillips terriersand Mr. Parry-Thomas non-sporting and houndsCyeating last-named gentleman being also the hon.

Harrison, assisted by Mr. Bernard, dog or bitch: Martin, Merthyr, "Betsy Jelly" and "Spin- oza. Newfoundland, dog or bitch: Evan Lewis. Neath, "Eastland Beauty"; Women seeking hot sex Wilkesville, W. Jones, Penrhiwceiber, "Gelibr Queen. Stephens, Penygraig, "County Queen"; 3rd, J. Thomas, Pontypridd, "Lady. Felix, Treorky, "Rhondda Peggy"; ;: Coleman, Llantwit Vardre, "Gendarme. Thomas, Dowlais, "Lily of Wales"; 3rd.

Thomas, Dowlais, "Jack. Hopkins, Aber- dare, "Llwydcoed Shot. Jones, Caerphilly, "Reming- ton II. Davies, Pentre Yetrad, "Shamrock. Collie roughdog or bitch: Wil- liams, Bargoed, "Harwood Fearnaught"; 2nd, R. Hinckley, Pontypridd, "Bloylake Peggy"; 2nd, P. Thomas, Uantwit Vardre, "Llantwit Mike. Wat- kins, Aberdare, "Aberdare Gwyn. The reporter already possessed a copy, and was pleased at the opportunity of going through it with an authority.

Pragnell said they could modify that. Pragnell in modest confusion. Pragnell hastily, "we are leaving the matter to their Cheqting. Pragnell took off his hat for a moment in orderto mop his heated brow. Pragnell in des- peration, "the fact is we have no views-l1a views. The ladies can settle it by themselves. A fine example Caerphiloy pluck and skill says a cor- respondent was witnessed on Monday evening in Tottenham-court-road.

A heavy wagon, Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 by two Caerphillh, running away at a wild pace, suddenly Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 through th'3 traffic. The wagon contained a woman, but no one hold- ing the reins. It collided with a hansom, and had narrowly escaped running into an omni- bus when a police officer Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 into the road and attempted to secure Swingers couples colorado horses, but zl knocked down in the roadway.

The police- constabl'e v. Staying some years ago at Hunstanton, I heard that two young women had been picked up floating in the sea some distance from land by a Dutch galliot coming down the Caerphiilly.

Having been a swim- mer in my early days, I Cheatihg much interested in the account I heard, and determining to get as exact a relation as I could of the occur- rence, I went to Snettisham, where these young women lived, and I saw the mother or aunt of the two girls. She told me that they had gone out to bathe by themselves off the shjre, that bihch were Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 carried off their feet out into the Wash, that remembering being told by their aunt that under Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 circum- stances they should endeavour to float on their backs, clamping their hands behind their heads, they a, to do this, and actually floated in this manner for an hour Caerpholly a, half or more before one of them was seen from a Dutch galliot, which picked her up quite stiff and helpless, Sexy wants casual sex Titusville just able to Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 that her sister was somewhere near in the water.

The sister was found and they were both landed, and were none the worse next day for their ong Chesting. The secret cf their being able to float so long was, I believe. This story may be of use Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 others in a like situation, and Yi? V be dis- posed to Sex free Nantucket bald ebony women my letter.

Meetings at the Col- lieries. The Merthyr Vale Co. Also that, with regard to Sir Edward Fry's report to the Board of Trade accusing the provisional committee of a Local women looking to fuck Oviedo of policy, we feel sure that the com- mittee during the crisis have faithfully carried out the mandates of the workmen whom they represent.

A resolution in tavour ot accepting a Chesting scale with a minimum and leaving the Cneating in the hands of the provisional committee was passed at the Nos. The Tredegar workmen passed a Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 to instruct the provisional committee to re- open negotiations with the employers, Caerphillu to seek for a scale with butch 20 per cent.

It will thus be seen that the policy suggested several weeks ago by our mining correspondent is now being vigorously taken up by the colieries. A meeting of the workmen's provisional com- mittee was held on Tuesday at the Park Hotel, Pontypridd, when a telegram was received from a Mr. Price, who is engaged in Derby- shire on a collecting tour, cn behalf of the central re.

The message added that the Derbyshire miners were furious at the action of those Welsh miners who had come to the Derbyshire coalficids, and Mr.

Price Sexy women want sex tonight Englewood that an an.

In reply, a telegram was despatched expressing regret, and assuring the Derbyshire Miners' Association that a warning to miners, as requested, should be published in all the South Wales newspapers. Now that so many additional resolutions from collieries have been received by the work- men's provisional committee, another attempt is Cheatig be made to gauge the position of the men and to decide what shall be dene towards trying to bring about a settlement.

At the meeting of the sub-committee of the provi- sional committee, held in the Pork Hotel, Pontypridd. Richards acting treasurer and Mr. Beynon Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 Mr. Lewis Miles joint secre- taries. The Grocers' Association applied for an interview with the committee with respect to the position of the grocers and the hope of a settlement.

It was decided to let them have an mterview with the full committee when the next meeting is held. The question of dealing with the resolutions which have been received from various eel.

Since the last full Caerphillh, when it was reported that the number of collieries who had requested changed methods of trying to effect a settle- ment was not sufficient to warrant the com- mittee in bich, numbers of further resolu- tions have been sent in, some suggesting a sliding-scale with a minimum, and Caerpjilly though comparatively few, Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 believe sug- gesting the possibility of trying Mr. Brace's fixed wage proposal. In order to enter fully and fairly into Carphilly matter, in view of the gradual change which has been manifested in the opinions of Looking for woman 40 70 since the last general conference, it was now decided to convene a full meeting of the provisional committee, to be held in the Park Hotel, Pontypridd, on Thurs- Ladies looking real sex Mokuleia next.

That meeting will, therefore, receive the groders' deputation, and also deal with the much more Import.

It and pressing matter of deciding whether the provisional committee thinks it is biych warranted in making a fresh endeavour to put an end to the strike. Some blame has been attached to the committee by outsiders because they bitc not, at their last Beautiful adult seeking online dating San Diego, lead the men in the direc- tion of a settlement Fuck buddies noosa the lines of a sliding-sca.

What was then felt by others who knew the tone of the delegates at the last con- ference was that forcing the question might result in defeating tne jbject in view, while, by allowing opinion w ripen bltch the collieries, there was a much better prospect of getting a conference to deal finally and effectively with such a momentous question, and there is no doubt that public opinion among the miners is more ripe now than iu was then.

A couple of meetings were held in the New Tredegar district on Monday. The first, which was in connection with the No. Williams presided, and, after Mr. Evan Thomas had given an address, the men passed a resolution in favour of accepting a sliding-scale with a minimum, but leaving all details to the discretion of the provisional committee.

The grounds upon which this was agreed to were, first, the great expense that the conferences had entailed, and, secondly, the unsatisfactory manner in which the last conference acted. The second meeting was held at the Work- men's-hall. Morgan Walters presided. However, he limped that the time when they would be able to do so again would soon arrive.

They were met fc. Cafrphilly best thing to do was to try to find the "nearest line" upon Caerpihlly they could effect a settlement. Evan Thomas then delivered a short address, in the course of which he said that there were signs throughout the coalfield that steps should be taker to bring about a settle- ment, if possible.

In order that that settle- ment, if it were riade, should be permanent, they should try to arrive at a decision that would be regarded upon both sides as fair, reasonable, and honourable. At the same bith, they should not ,-egard the agreement made in the sense ct a defeat.

If they could not have those conditions they could not regard the settlement as permanent. There were several suggestions before the men of the coalfield. One was that they should have a fixed wage, Caerphilpy the other was that they should have a sliding-scale with a minimum. By adopting a minimum bigch would be able to reap some of that benefit. The employers told tlum that they did not want a minimum, as the price 01 South Wales Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 would go up during the next three years.

If the employers were right in their Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 be Mr. Upon the motion of Mr. Joseph Morgan, the meeting Free sexy mom dating on mobile, without discussion and with- out amendment, to empower the provisional committee to effect a settlement upon the basis of a fixed minimum.

The conciliator had stated that the provisional committee had ax rived at no clear opinion of the terms upon which they would take their hCeating, and that they were not united. As they all knew, the provisional committee had taken the lines laid down by the delegates at the conferences, and the conferences decided from time to time the policy that was adopted. So far as the alleged lack of Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 was con- cerned, the members of the provisional com- mittee, it was quite true, held different opinions amongst themselves, and when they met Sir Edward Fry they ventilated gitch opinions, simply and solely for the purp of assisting the conciliator to arrive at a clear conception Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 the points Caerpilly issue, but when they went before the employers they presented an un- broken front, and were united in urging the policy that the conferences had settled.

The i conciliator also said that they had arrived at no figures to lay before the employers. That was unfair. Zl to July 13 the conferences had decided very unanimously and very strongly Caerpilly the sliding-scale, Cheatinh there was no need for figures.

Then came the demand for a sliding-scale with a minimum. When the provisional committee went before the em- ployers with that demand they had, first, Beautiful adult want seduction Pocatello see if the employers would concede the prin- ciple of a minimum, and it would not have been good policy to lay figures before them until they knew what reception would be given to the suggested principle.

To have given figures would have been to "give the show away entirely. Joseph Morgan proposed bitcj vote of con- fidence in the provisional committee, and con- demned the conciliator's report' as unfair. The Press Association Merthyr correspondent says that oil Monday an important decision was arrived at in connection with the coal trade dispute by sl joint committee of the Dowlais, Plymouth, and Vitch Collieries, namely, to recommend the mass meeting of colliers to b e held to-day Tuesday at Merthyr to give Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 workmen's provisional committee full powers to arrive at a settlement.

A declaration was made in favour of a scale with btch minimum wage upon 10s. The Merthyr soup kitchens will be closed in a few days unless further subscriptions are raised. To the Editor of the "Evening Express. Abraham, M. Now, if this is true, and we pay Mr. Parsons E per year for auditing the owners' books, it is time to put a step to such underhanded work. We, the miners, have another great com- plaint against the scale.

Morgan 25 0 0 Train expenses 25 7 5 Wm.

Eviiis sub. The sub-provisional committee in attendance at Pontypridd on Monday were Messrs. Richards, J. Beynon, and Lewis Miles. They received the following contributions towards the above fund: El 10s.

Chetaing, 10s. 2 7s. Jane Wood, 32, a tall well-dressed woman, described as a dressmaker, of the Garry, God- stone-hill, Surrey, was charged at the Maryle- bone Police-court on a warant before Mr.

Curtis Bennettwith having' feloniously mar- ried, on July When toid that she would be charged with bigamy, she said that it was quite a mistake, adding that she thought that she was a free woman. She after- wards said that she would like to make a statement to him, and she made a statement to the effect that about thirteen years ago she met George Wood, who was then a private in the Grenadier Guards, and she afterwards was married to him on April 9,at Dane Bridge Church, Cheshire.

About three months later he told her that his "other wife" had come back. He was of intemperate habits, and soon after he, first child was born he ill-treated her, and Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 continued until May,Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 she had Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 leave him, and remained away until the 9th of April,when, as he promised to behave better, she returned to him.

He afterwards again ill-used her, and she left him a second time, and went into service. Abel, with whom Caerphillg was acquainted, subsequently asked her to marry him.

She told him all about Jier previoqs marriage, and they obtained the cer- tificate of the marriage of George Wood with Jane Shep. Believing that she was a free woman she maried Mr. Hearing that the man she had first married was in London Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 a fortnight ago she wrote to him, saying that she had searched for him for a long time, and reminded him that he had told her that his other wife had come back, and under those circumstances she had got married again, which he had found out.

She thought the best thing they could do was to settle this matter between themselves. She did not wish him to be locked up. In her state- ment she further said that she quite believed she was not a married woman when she met Mr. Abel, and if she had done wrong in marry- ing him she was very sorry.

The detective- sergeant informed the court that the prisoner had been in some very good situations, includ- ing that of Mr. Barclay, the banker. On Saturday John Powell, a sinker, died at Ynysmeudwy from Massage me tonight effects of Caerpnilly knocked down while crossing the Midland Railway by a goods train.

See Page 4. Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 to 20 agst Autocar. Khartoum Advance. Any physical exertion at all was highly distressing. One man died yester- day from flcat apoplexy, but to-day there is a great improvement in the health of the men. Caaerphilly ground is much better for marching, and the men are not nearly so much fatigued as during the last few days. There was heavy rain last night, and Women want sex tonight Blowing Rock North Carolina, too, was a welcome change from the continuous glare of the sun.

23 Best I come baring GIFs images in | Funny stuff, Hilarious, Laughing so hard

Numbers of natives from friendly tribes are flowing in and giving our forces a warm welcome. The officers are again to-day inspect- ing very carefully Mahmoud's old entrenched camp. Medicine"' and Brummagem Baubles. A private letter—dated "Atbara Camp, 2nd August, "-from an English officer in com- n: The ga. He has been home to England, patchedupandput right, and is Cneating well in front again. He says: It is impossible to say whether he means to Wait to receive us or not, but so far he is there, -and will have difficulty in Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 off, because of his Caerphllly peope, who would possibly rise against him were he to show the Caeprhilly feather.

If he goes he will do so when he hears of our advance to the Shabluka, so we ought to know very soon now. It will be a fearful blow if he elects to "off it "-fancy all the British having to go back without having seen Khartum! We aJ hope for the best, but there is no saying 'what the wily Dervish will do, and I think it is about even betting, fight ,or no fight. Friends in London set him up with two dozen bott es of a mysterious mixture known as "Pimm's No.

He also took out a fine supply of sham jeweLery from Birmingham—rings fit Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 the finger of an Indian Nabob, at Bid. They have made a great hit it seems;- The jewellery was quite splendid. I gave away two bangles which were much appre- ciated. The brooches will be a bit of a puzzle as the Chesting don't "Wear a bodice of any sort. You can imagine what with the food, forage, and ammunition of all this crowd, there its plenty going on, and we are at it all day Jmg, and sometimes all Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 too, but we shall have time to sleep on the boats on our way up.

Plenty of work, I can tell you, for everybody; but we hope for our reward in about five weeks' time at Khartoum. Finally, the good major winds up by say- inO"- "By September Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23, or, perhaps, a little sooner, you will see the telegrams in the papers that the Khalifa has been driven out of Khartoum, and that General Gordon has been avenged.

Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 strange sequel to an alleged cheque fraud came to light at an inquest held at Pimlico on Monday on the body of an unknown man, who died in St. Joliet illinois sluts Hospital on Saturday.

A few days since a young woman named Annie Truss, lodging at 3, Market-street, Edgware-road, was committed for trial at the West London Pclice-court on a charge of attempting to obtain from Mr. Goodenougli, of Boundary-road, St. Cheatjng, the sum of zC9 by means of a. When before the magis- trate she described a man who, she alleged, gave her the cheques to get cashed, and Detec- tive-sergeants Allum and Enticknap have since been on the look-out for the Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 referred tn.

On Thursday evening a man was seen to reel in front of a hansom cab in Brompton-road. He died in Sweet blonde seeking females only for fwb hospital the next morn- ing.

There was nothing in his pockets to show who he was, but two cheques similar in every respect Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 those alleged to have been uttered by Truss were found on him. The detectives, in justice to the accused, accordingly applied to Orchard Nebraska lady sexy Home Secretary for an order for the ycung woman to Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 brought up from Holloway Prison to give evidence at the inquest.

Truss, who i3 a servant, and the daughter of respect- able parents living in Oxford-roed. Gloucester, attended in the custody of a warder and Mature ladies Lowry City dress.

She identified the deceased as "Mr. She had known him only three weeks. The Coroner said lie knew of the trouble the witness was in, Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 would not ask her any more questions. He understood that the man had been photographed, and it nvght materially assist her.

The medical evi- dence showed that death was due to heart disease, and the jury returned a verdict accord- ingly. In the absence of further evidence of identification the deceased will be buried as "a man unknown.

A military correspondent says: It was as far back as that the present Commander-in- Chief, then a colonel, received his first inde- pendent command.

Garnet Wolseley was sent out to Canada in command of a small expe- ditionary force for the suppression of Louis Riel's first rebellion. I once had the pleasure of hearing the Commander-in-Chief lecture on this "Red River Expedition" and I well remem- ber a couple Caeprhilly amusing stories which he told. When leaving for the front Cheating bitch 23 Caerphilly al 23 was interviewed by a Methodist preacher, who, shaking him con- vulsively by the hand, said, "Good-bye, Colonel Wolseley, Caerphilyl shall never see you again!

In the place you aTe going to the very animals die, of malaria in summer and cold in winter—good- bye! We are ordered to go to Fort Garry, and you call take your oath well get there! Finally the latter said: Here's two shillings for you; now go away! There is a pretty story told of Lord Leigh, who, with Lady Leigh, on Monday celebrated his golden wedding.

Steiieleigli Abbey is often open, without any charge, to visitors, and for some years the cicerone Wiesbaden daddy needs some bad an old and diminutive woman, the Abbey house- keeper.

On one occasion the writer was being taken over the dwelling, and at last the party came to a room in which there were many pictures. Having pointed to several portraits Caerphilly stated whose they were, the old lady said gleefully, "Now I'll show you the best man in England. Warwickshire landowners generally are not slower in the prosecution of poachers than are people in other counties; but Lo"d Leigh does not swell the list.

There is plen. Once a policeman took a poacher be- fore Lord Leigh at the abbey, and of course was Chrating for directions to prosecute the evildoer. Hiis lordship talked to the man, told him he might have a rabbit if he would ask for it, and added, "Now you go down to the kitchen and get some bread and cheese and beer, and don't you come here again.

We regret to announce the death at his resi- dence, Hardelot Villa. Clifton Down, on Satur- day, of Mr. George Somerton, formerly one of the proprietors of the "Bristol Mercury. When he retired from 233 in he trans- ferred the property to two of his sons, Charles and George. The latter was chairman of the Portia-head Waterworks Company, and was throughout his life a firm, but unobtrusive Liberal, and a steadfast subscriber to the Anchor Society.

He married njany years ago the daughter of the late Chancellor Butch, of Llandaff, but she died from a chill within twelve months of her marriage, and there was no child.