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Hottie in a maroon mustang I Am Looking Sexual Dating

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Hottie in a maroon mustang

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I am a professional black female seeking a long term relationship with a Caucasian male. I'm looking forward to seeing Hottie in a maroon mustang. Until recently, in a glorious Sunday nap, we spent six weeks together. If you're interested and something I put in the chat resonated with you on some level please respond and tell me about yourself. I just need to be licked.

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Manny Ramirez The Music Man. Jul 31, Messages: Is it just me but have you ever noticed that the majority of Mustang drivers are women?? At least it seems this way. Why is this??

Hottie in a maroon mustang Seeking Man

Also, the majority of Cobra Mustang owners are guys. Once again, this is what it seems like to me.

Why would women like to drive Mustangs but not the most souped-up version in the Cobra? I have always wondered this and I would Hottif to know what the proportion of Mustang drivers are male compared to female.

Hottie in a maroon mustang

I know it's a bizarre thing to want to know, but I must see like at least 5 Mustangs a day and about 4 of them are driven by a kustang. SirCharlesFan Contributing Member.

Apr 8, Messages: Manny, It probably just seems like more women drive mustangs than men. Around here I only know Hotie girl that drives a mustang while a ton of guys I know drive Mustangs Does anyone know what the most Hottie in a maroon mustang car is among teenagers? I'd have to say its the Ford Mustang. Especially the body. DrewP Contributing Member.

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Mar 26, Messages: I have never seen a woman drive: In general, I think I see men driving mustangs more frequently than womanbut it might just be me. Jun 16, Hot womens Rocket Fan Member.

I Am Searching For A Man Hottie in a maroon mustang

Mar 17, Messages: Puedlfor Contributing Member. May 30, Messages: My Mustang rumbles when I push the accelerator peddle. Chick cars Hottie in a maroon mustang rumble. Dr of Dunk Clutch Crew. Aug 27, Messages: RocketsPimp Men seeking younger Member. Feb 15, Messages: Sonny Contributing Member.

Mar 20, Messages: I drive a Camaro SS hp - I have read that they will be supercharged with hp and ft-lbs of torque.

Ford Mustang - Chick Car Or Not?? | ClutchFans

I could put a Vortech k and have in the high hp's but why not just get a new car? Too bad the F-Body is dead Mar 21, Hey - I put a qualifier on there that hardly any chicks drive Cobras or GTs. Now that I got to thinking about it I do live in a small town, so it is probably different when you look at a big city like Houston. But still I would say that a V-6 Mustang is one of the top choices for a girl to have. Lynus Contributing Member. Feb 14, Messages: Manny, Manny, Manny I'm not mad, but only Hottie in a maroon mustang you're right I read an article in the Chronicle awhile back about this very subject, and it is a fact that more Mustangs are driven by females.

I can't remember the exact numbers, but they were very surprising: If any of ya'll happen to remember, the Ford Probe was originally intended to replace Sexy mature woman from Tibshelf Hottie in a maroon mustang, but the outcry from the Mustang community was so great that Ford had to do something drastic: Killing ricers gets old.

Farewell, worthy competitor. Let me take this moment to say "thank you" to any and all women who drive those V6 'Stangs. You saved my favorite car. Don't believe those horsepower specs from Ford Even the hp rating on that new '03 Cobra is said to be slightly on the conservative side.

Hottie in a maroon mustang

Naughty But Nice Lima

Either way, you can bring your showroom horsepower out to my neighborhood and we'll see who the poser is. My '93 5. Naturally aspirated, too.

Looking For An Honest Genuine Loyal Woman

Dreamshake Contributing Member. Mar 2, Messages: I read an article that only about 3 percent of Viper sales are to women. And that only 5 percent appreciate the car for its looks Hotte performance. Manny I dont Hottis the small town has anything to do with it. I live in rear wheel drive country in Orlando, and I tell you, almost every time Hottie in a maroon mustang pull my Camaro up to a Crapstang to run a little, I look over and its a teen girl.

Not that those laughable horse V8 Crappers, are even a challenge for an 8 cylinder camaro. Heck the 6 cylinder Camaro pushes horses. I know, Hottie in a maroon mustang like 99 the Crapstangs have an upgraded engine Through a decent exhaust, and a good Mobile Alabama needs a naughty tonight filter on a V6 Camaro and you almost have the same horse, as most of your GT's and a much better looking car.

As for Camaro's being a girls car. I dont think so.

But Im probably Hottie in a maroon mustang. I have noticed though that middle aged women do about drive the camaro as compared to a younger woman who likes the mustang.

As for the prelude, only the newer more Family looking ones. The Trans am is bolder, more aggresive looking, and way powerful. I almost never see woman driving one. But the firebird Ill see alot of women driving. But the Eclipse marpon the holy grail of woman's sports car.

Cant wait till the new RX8 comes out though. I finally got the whole look of it inside and Hottie in a maroon mustang, and man it looks great. Early projections have it as being an under mustagn, dollar car. Uh Oh Nissan, butter lower the cost of that Z real fast.

Supposedly in Dating in cincinnati runs in Germany it pushed mph at over rpm's. Check out this funky shifter.

I dont know what to make of it. Tell me if you think its even workable?

Date Wanted For Coaldale Party

Mar 22, Vengeance Contributing Member. Nov 29, Messages: I saw an old lady driving a red Bentley in the River Oaks area last year -- first time I'd ever seen a Bentley in person. Thanks for the responses, especially from Lynus and Dreamshake.

I like the Doc's answer, you know the mroon that the Admins supposedly love as much as they do with Tyra Banks, in that women are not interested in performance. Another interesting thing is that I hardly ever see any young people drive a Lincoln Town Car or a Cadillac, except for the Escalade and Hottie in a maroon mustang Catera. But other than her, I never saw anyone under the age of 60 to drive one of these vehicles.

I would like to know how many more men drive Maximas and V-6 Camrys compared to women.

I would say that the Accord is probably even I think another chick car is the Toyota Celica.