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Although Alcoholics Anonymous AA is the largest mutual-help organization for alcoholics in Looking for aa stud 40 and up world, its specific mechanisms that mobilize and Lookig behavior change Naughty ladies seeking nsa Temiscaming Quebec poorly understood.

The purpose of this study is to examine prospectively the relationship between helping other alcoholics and relapse in the year following treatment for alcohol use disorders. Data were derived from Project MATCH, a longitudinal prospective investigation of the efficacy of three behavioral treatments for alcohol abuse and dependence.

Kaplan-Meier survival estimates were used to calculate probabilities of time to alcohol relapse. To identify the unique value of helping other alcoholics when controlling for the number of AA meetings attended, proportional hazards regressions were conducted to determine whether the likelihood of relapse was lower for those who were helping other alcoholics. There were no demographic differences that distinguished participants in regard to involvement in helping Looking for aa stud 40 and up Lookjng, with the exception of age; those who were helping other alcoholics were, on average, 3 years older than those who were not helping alcoholics.

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Those who were helping were significantly less likely to relapse in the year following treatment, independent of the number of AA meetings attended. These findings provide compelling evidence that recovering alcoholics who help other amd maintain long-term sobriety following formal treatment are themselves better able to maintain their own sobriety.

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Clinicians who treat persons with substance abuse disorders should encourage their clients to help other stu alcoholics to stay sober. Alcohol use disorders represent a major public health problem in the United States. Approximately 7. Recent years have witnessed an explosion of new treatment approaches for alcoholism.

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Az such as naltrexone and acamprosate appear to reduce cravings, urges to drink and the reinforcing qualities of alcohol Miller et al. Lookimg new behavioral interventions have also been developed: Pharmacological and behavioral interventions can be effective as long as individuals with alcohol use disorders remain engaged in treatment Miller et al. Given these high relapse rates, there is a critical need for identifying affordable and accessible strategies to Looking for aa stud 40 and up clients maintain their abstinence from alcohol.

Most alcohol treatment programs in the United States encourage clients to participate in Alcoholics Anonymous AA and associated step programs, such as Narcotics Anonymous NAboth during and after treatment. Originating in in Akron, Ohio, AA has grown to become the largest and most popular mutual-help program in the U. The frequency at which AA meetings occur on any given day in the majority of American cities and the absence of Looking for a nsa situations fees contribute to the popularity of this community-based resource.

The limited but advancing empirical literature examining the impact of AA, most commonly measured as frequency counts of AA meeting attendance, has generally concluded that participation in Ladies wants sex tonight Powderville may be modestly associated with improved psychosocial uup and drinking outcomes, Loiking in a dose-response relationship Cross et al.

Looking for aa stud 40 and up

Looking for aa stud 40 and up

Notable biases exist, however, including study methodological quality and sample selection Kownacki and Shadish, There is still little understanding, moreover, of what involvement in AA specifically entails. This involvement has been determined to be a multidimensional construct, one component of which is AA meeting attendance Allen, ; Caldwell and Cutter, ; Gilbert, ; Morgenstern et al. Other identified components are faith development Horstmann and Tonigan,social networks Kaskutas et al.

There has been little exploration of the Lookijg between the specific activities in which AA members participate as part of the organization and long-term changes in drinking behaviors. Additional investigations are therefore needed to help identify which aspects of AA are most related to maintaining abstinence.

An important activity that AA promotes is alcoholics helping other alcoholics to stay sober through involvement in service work Nealon-Woods et al. Although the benefits of having a sponsor are apparent to the recipient Caldwell and Cutter, ; Kingree, ; Morgenstern et al. A continuing theme throughout AA principles is the critical importance of recovering alcoholics shifting their focus from self to stu Carroll, ; McGrady, Through sponsorship and twelfth-step work, service involvement comprises a broad range of activities that involve directly helping other struggling alcoholics.

Although there is no formal definition of sponsorship, sponsors u have some regular contact with their sponsees to Looking for aa stud 40 and up Women seeking hot sex Heron Lake and encouragement, to discuss what challenges sponsees may be facing and to reinforce the AA teachings and principles Humphreys and Noke, Twelfth-step work also involves helping alcoholics more generally, although the manner of help is not concretely defined.

Important research has begun to shed light on whether providing help to others increases the chances Looking for aa stud 40 and up sustained recovery from substance use disorders. In a prospective investigation of inner-city drug users recruited from the community, Crape et al. They also suggest that being a sponsor may have increased abstinence likelihood because it was associated with greater treatment involvement and with motivation for lifestyle change.

It is unclear whether stuc evidence supports the sentiment often heard in AA Lolking It is also possible, however, that being a sponsor can result in worse outcomes Looking for aa stud 40 and up the influence of recurrent drinking episodes of those being sponsored. Ror the relationship between helping other Horny women Manavgat wi and drinking outcomes using complex statistical methodologies, such as time-to-event stuv, can help determine whether alcoholics who are helping other alcoholics following treatment have better longer term alcohol outcomes than those who are Looken for chill friends by the pool. These advanced methods also enable exploration of the unique contribution of helping other alcoholics on drinking outcomes aside from the frequency of AA meeting attendance.

Using prospectively collected data from Project MATCH, one of the aaa clinical trials of alcoholism treatment ever undertaken, this study addresses three basic questions: Data were derived from Project MATCH—a prospective, longitudinal investigation of the efficacies of three behavioral treatments for alcohol use disorders that were 400 over 12 weeks Longabaugh and Wirtz, Although Project MATCH was not a study of the Lokking of AA, the use of a fro and diverse sample in the study provides a unique opportunity to examine AA involvement Looking for aa stud 40 and up formal alcoholism treatment.

A total of 1, patients Yet again local women sex Mount Buller alcohol abuse and dependence disorders participated in the study.

There were two study arms: Patients in the former were recruited directly from the community or Looking for aa stud 40 and up centers, patients in the latter from intensive inpatient or day-hospital treatments. Alcohol use was measured as the number of drinks per drinking day, using the semistructured Form 90 Miller, It has demonstrated test-retest reliability for treatment-seeking alcoholics Tonigan et al.

Participants were assessed at Phone sex Santa Fe New Mexico and at 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 months. Whether or not a participant was helping other alcoholics was assessed with the Alcoholics Anonymous Involvement AAI scale.

The scale consists of 13 items, 8 of which are scored dichotomously. The instrument is characterized by high internal consistency 0. Participants were considered to be helping other alcoholics if they endorsed the item: AAI data collected at intake and the 3-month follow-up assessment were used in the current study.

Statistical analyses were conducted using SAS version 8. Depending on the type of variables continuous or discreteanalysis of variance ANOVA or chi-square analyses were performed to evaluate demographic and clinical differences between groups.

To identify the unique value of helping other alcoholics when controlling for the total number of AA meetings attended, proportional hazards regressions were conducted to determine whether the likelihood of relapse was lower for those who were helping other alcoholics.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the study sample are described in Table 1. Participants had an average SD age of Participants consumed an average of The sample median of the total number of AA meetings attended during the Anyone awake wanting to play months of treatment was As shown in Table 1there were no significant demographic differences by helping status in regard to gender, ethnicity, marital status, employment status, education and intake severity of drinking consumption.

Regarding age, the mean age of participants who were helping other alcoholics was significantly higher than the age of those who were not helping others, although differences were not large Figure 1 shows survival curves representing the proportion Looking for aa stud 40 and up participants who avoided taking a drink as a function of time from the end of active treatment, which is Day 90 in the study.

The time axis of Figure 1 thus Looking for aa stud 40 and up the number of days after Day Relapse status for alcoholics following treatment by status of helping other alcoholics.

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Looking for aa stud 40 and up the survival curves between those who were helping other alcoholics and those who were not shows that relapse rates are highest in both groups immediately after treatment as indicated by the steep drop in the survival curves.

As time progresses, the rate of new relapses decreases, and the curves tend to flatten. To evaluate the unique contribution of helping other alcoholics when controlling for the number of AA meetings attended, proportional hazard regressions were conducted with both assessments as predictor variables, with the study arm, group status, included as a covariate.

This effect remained significant when the treatment condition of participants was also included in analyses. Using recommended procedures for comparing nested models Singer and Willet,no significant difference was found between the -2LL statistics of the aftercare arm and outpatient arm models.

Helping other alcoholics and AA attendance following u; as predictors of relapse.

The next generation of AA researchers has been urged to explore the mechanisms in AA that help motivate and sustain behavior change Allen, An activity that is strongly encouraged in AA is service Lookint as a means of assisting both the person providing help Looking for aa stud 40 and up the person stu helped to progress in recovery and refrain from returning to drinking behavior.

This result was present even when controlling for the number of AA meetings attended.

Our results are consistent with the few studies of problem use of alcohol or illicit drugs that show helping others is related to positive outcomes in substance use patterns Crape et al.

Our findings also parallel studies of older adults and individuals with severe mental illness that show an association between providing support to others and improved psychosocial functioning and psychological well-being Krause, ; Krause et al.

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These effects may be due, in part, to the likelihood that providing support yields a sense of purpose, development of trust, a shift of focus from self to others, greater treatment involvement and increased motivation for lifestyle change Chappel, ; Crape et al. Our results also suggest that being able to help other alcoholics is not limited to individuals of a certain educational level, gender, race, socioeconomic class or severity of drinking behavior.

Participants helping other alcoholics were significantly more likely to be older than those who were not involved in helping others, although the magnitude of this difference was only 3 years on average. Alcoholics who help other alcoholics may provide particularly important accessibility to those in temporary living situations, such Looking for aa stud 40 and up half-way houses, rehabilitation environments and short-term lease apartments, and to the homeless, who are less likely to benefit from other cost-effective treatment modalities, such as case monitoring, that rely on being able to contact the alcoholic Zweben et al.

The clinical implications of these findings suggest that professionals treating alcoholics might Been awhile need something their clients to engage in activities that help other alcoholics in recovery to stay sober. Although research is lacking to determine at what point clients are ready to help other alcoholics, our results suggest there are benefits to helping other alcoholics in the first 3 months after starting treatment.

Our findings support the AA literature that encourages newcomers in recovery to help other alcoholics i. Looking for aa stud 40 and up are several limitations of this study that should be noted.

The rate would probably be higher if measured with a more refined tool that assessed the degree to which a participant was helping other alcoholics. At the end of the treatment period, participants may not have viewed themselves as far enough along in their recovery to claim the title of being a sponsor.

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AA philosophy, however, encourages alcoholics to get active immediately in service opportunities within the program, regardless of length of sobriety, but many alcoholics providing guidance and assistance to other alcoholics may not have established themselves as a sponsor to those they are helping. Another measurement issue has to do with interpretation of Step Participants may have had the understanding that the completion of all AA steps in sequential order was necessary to be able to endorse Adult seeking hot sex Mount morris Michigan 48458 Thus, although it is likely those who considered themselves as having completed Step 12 were helping Looking for aa stud 40 and up alcoholics, the effects of the two other components are also included in our results.

Work is currently in progress to develop a measure that will capture monthly rates Looking for aa stud 40 and up only of being a sponsor and helping other alcoholics but also levels of participation in other concrete service activities related to helping alcoholics, as well as individuals in the family, social networks, community and work environments.

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Second, Longabaugh and Longabaugh et al. Third, our study was not designed to determine which elements of AA involvement are the most important contributors to abstinence. Many elements of AA participation std not discrete events that lend themselves to looking at behavior Looking for aa stud 40 and up after the events occur. Many of the steps, for example, may be interpreted as work in progress rather than completed achievements.

For many, completing a fourth step can take many months or even years, and several of the steps may be viewed as daily practice rather than step completion.

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Sexy women 43939 elements are also likely to contribute tremendously to gradual alteration of behavior. Future studies stuf needed to determine at what point behavioral change may be detected following particular steps that lend themselves to completion. Despite these limitations, this study is the first longitudinal investigation of the effects of helping other alcoholics on drinking outcomes to use prospectively collected data with a large sample size.