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I Searching Sexy Chat Looking for down to earth nice girl

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Looking for down to earth nice girl

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What is the quality you most like in a man.

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We all Lolking of ourselves as pretty authentic, striving to be the best possible versions of ourselves that we can. After working our way through we still, are faced with the challenge of finding out for ourselves what we truly would like to get out of this world while were here.

It takes confidence and courage to stand firm in the face of scrutiny. Looking for down to earth nice girl

They yearn for deep and meaningful conversation. They want to explore your mind, your heart and your soul. It is said that gossip stops upon meeting wise ears, and gossip always stops with an authentic person.

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Life to them is about living, caring, loving and giving, not having, taking, asking and expecting. They are often mistaken for recluse, but when exposed to social gathering they can be very outgoing and friendly.

Too much time in social circles will become draining on them, and will likely be one of the first to ditch off early for a nice relaxing evening at home. They truly wish for the success of tto. Authentic people do not secretly wish for others to fail or become jealous for the successes of those around them. They genuinely like to see people happy and healthy, living and loving their lives.

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Authentic people do not search out for popularity, they stand out for their own uniqueness. No asking, no expecting it just happens.

When you live true to yourself, you become eccentric, eclectic and exuberant it just happens! Authentic people know that there is no way to be a beacon of light or an inspiration to others unless they can lead by example.

In order to love others and accept each other no matter, what we must first love and accept ourselves. It is the only way.

All life has value, none more than another, from the tiniest insect to the largest mammal, we are here on this earth together and all life has meaning. This is what they listen to. Authentic people know that when someone is rude, critical or downright hurtful that it has more to do about the other person than it does about them.

Authentic people always empathize with others and show a sense of understanding, no matter the words spoken. They are decisive, cool and collected.

Authentic people always have a plan, a goal and an aspiration even if its to just go with the flow. Authentic people want to glrl what has never been done, see what has never been seen and reach where no one would have ever thought possible.

Sometimes, they secretly enjoy proving to you that it CAN be done. An authentic person will never tell you what you want to hear, just because you want to hear it.

They will empathize with you and give you the ugly truth when you are ready for it. They know that the key to abundance is being in a state of acceptance. The more that anyone expects things, the less can be accepted.

I think it's a good thing, but then I also think I'm "down to earth" so I might be biased.:P. Report as . Everyone loves a down to earth kind of girl! Report as. People who are considered "down to earth" tend to act humble, practical, and Begin by confronting your ego and looking beyond yourself. at certain things than most people, but you may not be so good at other things. Dudes always tell me I'm not "down-to-earth." You think my tendency to self-sabotage, invade the personal space of others and generally strive to lead a life resembling a soap opera means I'm not down-to-earth?! Maybe those are exactly the characteristics they're referring to, or.

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