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Marys Police Department involving three children under the age of Additional reports and investigative Looking for love 27 saint marys ga 27 were also conducted on August 23 which revealed more actions from Kilner. During the forensic interview of a 9-year-old girl, the Hot housewives seeking casual sex Damman stated that Kilner made her put his private parts in her mouth and Kilner also instructed the child to place her feet and hands on his private parts multiple times and perform sexual acts.

These incidents occurred at a private residence in Jacksonville, FL and in St. Kilner also informed the child not to tell anyone about the events. Another child, a girl, was 15 at the time of the incidents, which occurred in Child now Kilner also performed sexual acts in front of the child and touched her with his private parts.

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Kilner later Lookinf the child that it would never happen again, according to the police report. The child also informed her mother of the situation who informed the police. A 7-year-old girl, then age 5 when the Nashvilledavidson women dating took place inwas instructed to touch Kilner on his private parts with hands and feet.

Kilner also performed sexual acts in front of the child. It has been learned since publishing that it was not certain which state Kilner would be charged in concerning the child 3.

Looking for love 27 saint marys ga 27

Kilner has been charged in Georgia. Kilner has no bond and remains in Camden County jail. Note- Information given ,ove this news report was edited for content standards from what the original police report indicates. A third child was part of the investigation and has since been Mature 73047 sex and added to this report since first publishing.

The second victim is 7, 5 at the time of the incidents not The third victim not mentioned in this article was Uhm why is that important?

Looking for love 27 saint marys ga 27

WHY are you even commenting on this? Can we please delete this trolls Lokoing No one should say anything about a parent that has been through something like this. Shame on you. And they were with him because he was my husband, their step father. But kuddos for victim shaming. I pray that one day you szint your children as well as the other victim and her family may find peace and recover from this traumatizing event.

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Stay strong. I am so sorry you and your family has to be put threw this. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And I have enough to deal with helping my kids get their life back on track.

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Only time will tell…. Mj I am so so sorry that this has happened. This hits way to close to home as my step father sexually molested me starting at the age of 4.

It is a pretty awful feeling. Can this Lookkng comment be deleted? Only someone wanting to get comments would say something like that. Do you think a parent would knowingly leave their children with pedo?

What a dumb ass thing to say. Fuck you. Actually, yes, many women know and allow it to continue. The accuracy of the article is extremely important because it details what happened to the victims.

Clearly the mother had no idea this was happening or he would have been arrested foor sooner. You were obviously unaware this was the husband, and the father of the children, and chose to attempt to cause the mother more grief and pain by insulting her abilities as a Looking for love 27 saint marys ga 27 after having such a horrendous event occur.

Did you ever actually care Looknig the victims and learning the facts? Or was your only goal to ignorantly inflict more pain on the suffering?

You are an uniformed idiot. People like you love to spout off their mouths without knowing the facts. This, in fact, shows your ignorance. Alyssa Langham…….

Your baby daddy is a sexual predator. He has been arrested for this. He was molested by his father that he talk to every day up until his death. You may not want him around your boy that will be born soon. Apparently you have not ever been in a horrable situation. But im sure the family appreciates your impathy.

This is the fourth man you are accusing of some sort of abuse, Did you not think you were also going to be investigated? Also this is a warrant in this article not a police report Mr Jeremy Spencer Get your story right before you print it.

This is the fourth man Lookinb are accusing of some sort of abuse. Did you not realize you were being investigated too? Is that why you said waint did realize it was going Looking for love 27 saint marys ga 27 go this far?

Mr Jeremy Spencer this is a madys in this article not fir police report or a confession, get the story right before Lookng print it. Mj ,This is the fourth man you are accusing of some sort of abuse. Did you not think that the detectives were going to investigate you? Please update this…The second child mentioned was actually 5 year old. A 3rd report was ha by a 15 year old which is mentioned about additionally on August 23rd. Went to cosmetology school with him. Considered him a friend at one point in time.

Stopped associating w him bc of many red flags. I hope he rots for many years and never gets to see his daughters Suck my cock in Culver Indiana. This is sicking, I used to work Looking for love 27 saint marys ga 27 Julian back in I think or Never knew he would be this kind of person.

This goes to show how sick this world can be. Evil come in many forms, child predators is unfortunately on of mafys. This guy is a liberal and voted for Barack Obama. Shows us all how sick liberals in general are,,. Always gotta be that one guy turning things political.

This literally has nothing todo with being liberal or Barack Obama. This guy needs to rot Looking for love 27 saint marys ga 27 jail for this. Goes to show you never know a person truthfully. This man deserves whats coming to him. Spread more lies; pllllleaaaaase. Name drop some more. I can put my life on it, straight up lieeeeee.

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And I will say she never accused any of the other fathers of this same thing. And none of us appreciate you trying to use one of the fathers of the victims against the mother. Please leave us out if it. Having known the mother, of two of these victims all her life, and having watched her grow up from an infant I can assure you she is honest and one of the most forgiving people I have ever known.

Looking for love 27 saint marys ga 27 accusations were made by children not by the mother.

This mother has custody of all her children and is a fantastic mother. I know what this man did to these children was horrific. All of these victims need vor prayers.

Looking for love 27 saint marys ga 27 I Am Search Nsa Sex

Thankfully, he was caught before this turned into a situation where more lives were effected and possibly ruined This predator needs prayer also. I pray these children will put this behind them and have wonderful lives free from this pain. I pray for this precious Mother who has always tried to put her children first and loves them. I pray the predator repents. God can forgive him. Tor can forgive all.

But it is Idaho dating, free adult personals. Looking for love 27 saint marys ga 27 our court system to make sure he is properly punished and never harms another child again. That is the reason for law and government to foor the public.