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Looking for that gofast girl come play

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We pitiful pop-mongers have weathered all manner of organizing-principle diversification schemes for works by that most Speed dating dallas. concern, the Various Artists: Now we must bear witness to the fake-soundtrack-tribute-to-a-real-film-that-already-had-a-soundtrack-that-wasn't-released, a plight lubricated depending on your level of boredom with these acts by the promise of unreleased recordings by Will Oldham, Looking for that gofast girl come play, Mark Eitzel, and Sonic Youth, as well as some pkay available yet absurdly labeled "rare" on the disc's wrapper tracks by Gil Power, Roscoe Holcomb, Leadbelly and Sandy Bull.

However, Two-Lane Blacktop constantly entertains and surprises.

Wanting Real Sex Looking for that gofast girl come play

At the beginning of the film, James Taylor and The Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson seem miscast in such car-porn, clutching big sticks, talking about cleaning rods and points, and declaring in a diner parking Ladies seeking sex Nelson Georgia how there's "a lot of muscle here tonight. Their endless race, their strangely communal competition, their implausible line readings, and the ethereality of their lusts result in the film's barely resembling America, or Earth.

At some points, Two-Lane Blacktop plays like the car film that Kubrick would have made if he wasn't making A Clockwork Looking for that gofast girl come play at the time.

And its appeal lasts: Now onto why this comp is so conceptually mangled: Also, Taylor and Wilson's insanely focused characters went without music, intentionally, preferring the roar of their engine.

The Girl that's her name in the credits sings her own versions of songs.

Go Fast and Take Chances: Football Innovator’s Techniques Play Well on Ice

The only character with a constant gofaet is "GTO", the status-quoppie; he plays plenty of country and bluegrass, so this CD's suggesting other roots music is odd. The Comr notes say that the project's organizer wanted this to be "what the characters heard while driving," which might explain why these contemporary artists contributed either vintage-sounding ditties or why oh why couldn't Sonic Youth and Mark Eitzel have imagined what they'd have sounded like in ?

Looking for that gofast girl come play if you'd never heard the high lonesomeness of Sandy Bull, Leadbelly, or Roscoe Holcomb, or the previously released Calexico, Giant Sand, and Cat Power songs, I guess they'd be revelations; if you know them, this is p,ay, like a love-mix from a new squeeze bearing songs the last three squeezes gave you.

The Girl has Chan Playy bangs, and behavior, and she sings "Satisfaction" in the film, so trotting out Cat Power's great-the-first-time, annoying-the-nth-time cover of The Stones' oft-muzacked gem is at least warranted.

Urban Dictionary: go fast

New stuff! Will Oldham teams with Alan Licht the last third of whose An Emotional Memoir of Martha Quinn should be required reading for pop-nerds to deliver a rehash of his oft-bootlegged live favorite cover "Don't Cry for Me Argentina".

After Oldham sets up the spike, Licht reads James Taylor's best lines from the Adult want nsa Hoffman Estates for five minutes. Will's muttering wave-and-wax-obsessed role as The Surfer in Slitch is clearly modeled after Taylor's muttering oil-and-octane obsessed role as The Driver.

Willophiles would plzy much better to skip this and track down the latest volume of Louisville Is for Loverson which Will covers Lucinda Looking for that gofast girl come play "Something About What Happens When We Talk"-- that wrenching cover had me afraid to leave the house, Lookinv a hairnet, and taping peppermints to my collarbones, whereas "Don't Cry, Driver" just had me typing cusswords into the crappy search engine at Netflix.

Wilco offer "Old Maid", an acoustic guitar, backgrounded piano, and brush-drum retro affair that recalls lackadaisical Dylan or Prine another oft-bootlegged live favorite. It's fun to hear Tweedy play the geezer, but this is Wilco on cruise control, which violates every rule of Two-Lane Blacktop.

The German ragaist I told you this disc was a contradiction in terms wrapped in a contradiction in terms Steffen Basho-Junghans delivers a mega-soothing slide pastiche. Marc Eitzel teams with his sometime wurlitzist Marc Capelle to make a messy cackle-and-grind dome more akin to the ominous Wild at Heart another film that homages Two-Lane Blacktop.

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In other news: Suntanama betray their black-oak bombast with some mellow zylophonic post-cock-rock, Charalambides inflict their heaviest vampire-ambience, and Sonic Youth fucks around with pedals for six Cousteau-ian minutes really, they should label their stuff either Sonic Youth A or B, so you know if you're getting a rock band or Harry Partch-versus-Schoenberg-at-Radio-Shack.

This track tha best befits the glorious yirl of Two-Lane Blacktopwhich to Hot dating sex in Powell Wyoming Looking for that gofast girl come play puzzles those who wank to aftermarket mags, even more than Harry Dean Stanton's cameo as a dejected homosexual hitchhiker.

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