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Why support CHS? More here. Folks, 34th and Union is an idiotic idea. I carry large packages into the p.

Hate to break it to you, John, but if you need dedicated parking lots, you should move to Bonney Lake. Think a drop-off box at the Grocery Outlet is a great immediate, interim solution.

Most of the folks in the crowd yelling about drive up parking are frankly older and living in decades past. I know its hard to accept but things change, and many folks have a hard time adapting.

Sawant's involvement in pushing for a new post office in her district comes at a Early in the meeting, one woman inquired why USPS wasn't setting the The crowd implored USPS and Seattle Postmaster Trent McNeal to at. Looking for a USPS Post Office location? Enter search SEATTLE, WA Lot Parking SEATTLE WA ; Self-Service US Post Office™ ›: INTERBAY CARRIER ANNEX . Photo of a man and woman looking at a laptop. Photo of US Post Office - Seattle, WA, United States For a smaller city post office, it offers all you need, plus the woman at the counter is always pleasant.

I get it. However, drive up mail drop off and lot parking are unfortunately not realistic any longer given the growth in the City. Many of the folks in the room want it both ways.

I Wanting Sex Contacts Woman at post office Seattle

Housewives seeking casual sex Brattleboro are demanding an urban walk in Woman at post office Seattle and a drive up mail drop with ample parking. Some of the folks were yelling at poor Greg A from the Post Office which looked and sounded ridiculous. I mean, I get it: While I personally am OK with walking and healthy enough to do it, even carrying something, I am not so young and naive that I think I might not be there someday….

A super-fit woman with 10 years experience, in 10 seconds she had . Thus ended my auspicious career with the United States Post Office. Donna Pennington and Ardyth Hamilton, Seattle's first women mail carriers, Seattle ServiceYou've Got MailGoing PostalPost OfficeWomen In HistorySnail Mail. Sawant's involvement in pushing for a new post office in her district comes at a Early in the meeting, one woman inquired why USPS wasn't setting the The crowd implored USPS and Seattle Postmaster Trent McNeal to at.

Expect about as much compassion as you are showing. I can tell you the answer: There is no legitimate reason to be at the post office as much Woman at post office Seattle they are implying. Aaaaaand this is why an old liberal like me posg considered conservative by some around here…. What if it was YOUR grandmother?

There was a man in a wheel chair. Whomever is admining this should remove your comments. They have been much nicer to deal with than the experience of the old PO.® - Location Details

Plus it is a family run business who live 5 blocks up the street. I wholeheartedly agree.

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The Postman owners are amazing, Wlman, local people the community should support. I hope they feel appreciated by at least some in the neighborhood!

I Always Wanted to Be a Mail Carrier. Until I Was One. | Seattle Weekly

USPS service include registered mail, money orders and more affordable shipping and mailing options than do private services. Gregory Shelton the USPS real estate Woman at post office Seattle initially expressed a preference for a location outside to the preferred area.

I expressed that consideration consider also where the location would served the greatest number of people easily and perhaps seemed moved to change his preference Woman at post office Seattle the meeting last night. The more I reflected on the meeting, I was surprised that he would prefer a 34th Women wants casual sex Bowersville Ohio E.

Union location would be preferable to the E. Union location, when 23rd and E. Union is much nearer the previous location and within the preferred area marked in red, while the 34th and E. Union location is not within Settle area. Union has historically been much more of a hub for the Central Area, than 34th and E.

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Union is a nice enough Madrona neighborhood business area. I do occasionally patronize Madonna restaurants or coffee shops. But really 23rd and E. Union is where the density is for services. Two new apartment buildings have recently opened at 23rd and E.

Union, and two at 24th and E. That is a total of 4 already in place with more mixed use planned at Midtown.

When Shelton first proposed 34th Avenue, I was thinking, it would be a Woman at post office Seattle with a parking lot or something and Woman at post office Seattle open to the idea. However, when I realized it was a storefront with on-street parking, I was flabbergasted. Very frequent buses 2 and 48 directly serve 23rd and E. While only the 2 bus and the less frequent 3 serve 34th and E.

Some bus 3s turn around at 21st and Jefferson and do not continue to Madrona 34th and A. Unionsimply due to the fact that the demand is not there.

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Bus 2 and 48 are both very frequent and heavily used routes. Union is a main arterial, making the 23rd and E.

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Union with the 3 new apartment building in place along with other coming to the midtown block a heavy demand area for services. Yes, Woman at post office Seattle and E. Union has been ocfice radical change and gentrification, but that should not mean we lose services.

I certainly hope that USPS is talking to Lake Union Partners, owners of the property, to determine how trucks deliver to their current businesses and could deliver to the 23rd and E. Union location Woman at post office Seattle possible parking accommodations. Certainly with the grocery store and planned drug store in the area there must be truck parking.

Some also spoke about bus 8, which runs on MLK about 5 blocks east of 23rd and 6 blocks west of 34th.

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It is in a bit of valley so walking up hill would be required in either direction with the hill to 34th being steeper than the one to 23rd.

I would anticipate that bus 8 would not be too much of a factor.

And still the most densely populated area is to the west. Another factor to keep in mind is that the new mixed-use building, The Central at 23rd and E. Union, will not be redeveloped in any foreseeable future and will easily accomodate a long term lease.

Other locations could be lost to redevelopment. I am not sure how USPS is expecting to handle Woman at post office Seattle exception needed to go outside of the preferred area, when there is an equally ideal location within the preferred area.

I could not tell if Shelton was proposing a letter Woman at post office Seattle Divorced couples searching flirt african flirt chat between the two locations during the next 30 days? For one: And if this means that you cannot find a parking spot, Joanna, well guess what?

Old people I guess? Wpman mean if they are just going to drive anyway what does it matter where the heck it is?

I can make better use of where Woman at post office Seattle live so that justifies me kicking you out of your home? Who needs to go to a post office this often?

There could be lots of reasons. I feel sorry for the people who lost the post office in their area.

I go to the PO at least once a week. One, to poet my bills. There used to be an official mailbox on the corner, but they took those away.

So, to the post office it is. We can live with out it. How do you know? Such arrogance. You have no idea why people need to go to the PO so much.

If you get out in under 15 mins.

Yes, those private mailbox places are useful I have a box at onebut their Woman at post office Seattle for stamps and such are more expensive than the PO. Offfice help if you have a lot of items.

Disagree, but why be so ugly about it?